I Love My City – Buildings of Chengdu

“I Love My City”. Here, I would like to share some photos of the buildings of Chengdu nowadays.

The surrounding Chengdu Plain is known as the “Country of Heaven” (Chinese: 天府之国) and the “Land of Abundance”. Its prehistoric settlers included the Sanxingdui culture.

Founded by the state of Shu prior to its incorporation into China, Chengdu is unique as a major Chinese settlement that has maintained its name (nearly) unchanged throughout the imperial, republican, and communist eras. It was the capital of Liu Bei‘s Shu during the Three Kingdoms Era, as well as several other local kingdoms during the Middle Ages. It is now one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation, and communication centers in Western China.

See Today’s Chengdu.

* photographer:朱毁毁

Photos are collected from the photographer’s social network.

Even as the native, I’m impressed by the work.

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